Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Beginnings

This morning we (Megan, Mickey, and I) were invited to a brunch at church for New Beginnings.  This year Meg will be turning 12 and entering the Young Women program.  This brunch was to introduce Megan to the program and let the other girls have a chance to get to know her.  Sadly Meg is the only girl turning 12 this year.  A student from my Sunday School class, Sarah, was the one to introduce her.  I've known Sarah since she and her twin Dana were about 6 months old.  I used to babysit for them and their older sister.  (Now they are graduating and I feel old.)  I thought it was nice that one of them was doing the introduction.  Sarah found out that Megan's favorite snack was cookies and gave her a plateful along with a Welcome poster with the YW theme on it and a stuffed bear.  Here's Meg and Sarah.

Megan & Sarah


BettyS said...

That is great! So nice to have attention all to herself. Young Women's is the best!

Janel said...

I cannot believe Meg is in YW. I swear she was just getting baptized the other day. I wouldn't have even recognized Sarah! I'm so glad they're befriending her. Hopefully Meg will like YW as much (or more) as her mom likes RS. : )

Kelly said...

She's not in until Sept. And I hope she likes it MORE than I did when I was in YW. I'm sure she'll like YW better than I like RS too.

Maybe growing up in a house full of testosterone made me not like being around a lot of estrogen.