Thursday, March 11, 2010

One Less Tooth

A few days ago Mattey complained to me about her tooth hurting.  I had her open up and let me look at it.  I didn't see anything.  I offered pain relief but she refused.  The next day she said her gums hurt.  I took another look.  There was what looked like a swollen spot above the "hurting tooth" with possible puss inside.  Not good.  She saw our dentist on Tuesday.  It was abscessed.  Today Mickey took her to an oral surgeon and it was yanked out.  Thankfully it was a baby tooth.  She is doing much better than we thought she would be.  She had a terrible experience when she was two.  She had to have some dental work done and a tooth removed.  I'm thankful she had a good experience this time, well, as good as it could be having a tooth pulled.  She didn't really like being numb.  It is a weird feeling.  Here she is with her crooked smile.  Her tooth is inside the bigger tooth she's holding.

Pulled Tooth


Mickey Standiford said...

The oral surgeon's office said that Mattey was their best patient of the day. She was a real trooper and I was so proud of how she dealt with the procedure.

Kelly said...

And the Tooth Fairy was very nice and brought her $5. She was happy about that.

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[...] she gives in physically she tries to compete in other ways.  Last week Mattey had her tooth pulled.  She got some attention for that and a nice monetary donation from the Tooth Fairy.  The next [...]