Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Progress Report

Kade's teacher sent home a progress report today.  He's doing great.

Kade's progress report

There was a note from Mrs. R. inside.  "Kaden is very responsible and a great helper.  I can always depend on him to help me out.  He is also a good friend and enjoys playing with all of the kids.  Kaden is a terrific listener and he follows directions very well.  He does the crafts and activities independently and neatly, and he is quick to help others out if they are confused.  Kade also likes circle time and he loves to contribute ideas to our conversations.  He especially likes when we becomes scientists and we do experiments.  Kade does a very good job of identifying letters and numbers.  I have loved being his teacher these past two years and watching him grow."

Mrs. R. has known Kade since he was a bump in my belly so she's really gotten to watch him grow.  I'm glad she's been his teacher this year and last.

Other things Kade really enjoys doing are:  play dough, water play, singing, instruments, rhythms, block building, story time, science, show & tell, puzzles, manipulative table toys, puppets, telling stories, asking questions, sharing ideas, solving problems, directing activities, and acquiring new skills.

I think this kid will be ready to take on kindergarten in the fall.  We'll have to work on letters, phonics, and writing over the summer.  He's already figuring out math.  It's so fun to watch him grasp the concept of addition.

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