Saturday, March 27, 2010


Today is Amanda's birthday.  Chris decided to throw her a surprise party.  The kids were really excited about it.  We told them last week.  I was so worried they would let something slip at Meg's concert on Tuesday but they never said a word.

We got there a little early.  The kids were almost literally bouncing off the walls with excitement.  They were each armed with a can of silly string ready to spray at Tia.  Here they are waiting for her to come back home.


I didn't get a great shot of it but they covered her in silly string while Chris stood back laughing.  We had dinner and then Amanda's birthday dessert before she opened presents.

After her little party was over we pulled out presents and a cupcake cake for Kade's birthday.  There wasn't a good day to have a family party this year so we're dividing it up.  Here are a few pictures from the evening.

Chris and Amanda got Kade a refill of Nerf darts that will go with something he gets Monday from us.  Since he couldn't really use them Chris pulled out a piece of pvc pipe and showed him how to blow the dart through the pipe.  (This was something he learned while on his mission.)  Kade didn't really have enough air to make it go far but he thought it was fun.

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