Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ah...Just What I Needed

With all the stress that's going on right now I was so looking forward to my massage today.  Even though the massage is only an hour I have to take 2 hours out of my day to get it.  But I enjoy every minute of it.  I listen to music and sing along while I drive.  That makes the time go faster, until I get behind a slow driver, that is.

Nicole is my (really our, since Mickey started going to her first) masseuse.  She is smaller then me but she has super strong hands to work out my many, many knots.  She works out of her home and has a room set aside for her clients.  It's so relaxing.  Take a look for yourself.  (You'll have to imagine music in the background and it's toasty warm from the space heater.)


A note about moving and the new house:

We have moved out about 80% of our stuff.  Mickey lined up a bunch of guys to help out with all the big, heavy stuff today.  Of the stuff that's left about a third will go with us to Mickey's aunt and uncle's.  The rest needs to be taken apart before it can go anywhere.  That's a project Mickey and Chris will work on tomorrow.

This morning we got to be present for the inspection of the new house.  There are only a few minor things that need to get fixed.  That's good to know.  We are counting down the days until we get to move in.  I've heard from a few people about wanting see the house (a picture).  I'll post it the day we move in.  I don't want to jinx anything.

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