Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

I took lots of pictures today but thought this one was the most fitting when I reflect about the real meaning of Easter, the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

April 4th

(Not sure what kind of flower this is but the tree is growing in the yard of my parents' neighbor.)

I woke up to "grass" all over the house.  The kids had gotten into their baskets and ate candy for breakfast.  I later made cinnamon rolls.  (I didn't think they'd had enough sugar yet.)  We later had a nice dinner at my parents' house with lots of family.  The kids enjoyed the lovely weather while hunting eggs.  I'm sure they each ate enough candy to last them for a few weeks but we'll let them eat it all until they get sick.  Then it won't be sitting around tempting me.

Hope everyone had a good Easter.


Mickey Standiford said...

Actually I did make Megan and Kade eat a little bit of cereal first. Crazy thing is, I can't remember how Mattey seemed to get around this requirement.

Janel said...

Beautiful picture. I think we might have focused a little too much on candy. Treadmill time for me.