Thursday, April 29, 2010


math homework

This was Mat's homework today.  She has been working really hard at learning the multiplication table.  This week, and the next two weeks, we have some extra time between dropping off Meg and Mat at their different schools.  Yesterday we took advantage of the time by coming up with a menu for the rest of the week.  Today we worked on multiplying by 7.  By the time she got out of the "blue bus" she knew up to 12, which is what the teacher requires.  I guess we'll work on 8 tomorrow.  This extra time will be beneficial to her math skills.  Maybe Kade will pick up on some too.  He's already adding.


BettyS said...

That's great! Tonight at my Primary Presidency meeting we talked about some children who have parents who don't even bother to feed their children. I'm so proud to know that my grandchildren are well taken care of and loved! Thanks Mickey and Kelly - I love you!

Jilsyt said...

If your kids learn better with music (I know mine do), there is a great MP3 set called the Skip Count Kid that we used to teach Zac skip counting to make his multiplication memorization easier. All three have fun singing it, and I don't think the girls have figured out yet that they know how to do it, they just think the songs are goofy.