Friday, April 16, 2010

Something besides Moving

I'm ready for a different topic.  How about you?

This afternoon I heard Kade say, "Mom, come take the picture of the day of me."  (He's got the program down, don't you think?)  I turned to Mickey, who had come home for lunch, and said, "No wonder he's in so many POTDs.  He's the most willing subject to be photographed."  I made him smores after lunch.  He was eating them when the suggestion was made.  I couldn't resist, just to please him.  He thought the stringy marshmallow was photo worthy.  I thought the cute, but messy, face with freckles was photo worthy.

Take my picture

I also wanted to share a picture of our crabapple tree.  It's finally blooming.  The only reason I wanted to plant the tree.

Crabapple Tree

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