Friday, May 7, 2010

Early Mother's Day

It's not even Mother's Day yet and the kids have already given me their presents. Wednesday Kade gave me a nice card in which he said I was 14 years old, weighing 6 lbs., and that I liked to watch "bad guy shows" on TV.  Okay....There were a few other funny comments but I'm not going to track down the card right now.  He also painted a clay pot and planted a flower in it.  He was really excited about giving me that.  I'll try to keep it alive for a while.  (The girls also gave me painted pots.  I have the perfect spot to put them in the new house.)

This afternoon Mattey gave me her gift. She made me a beautiful card and told me how much she loves me and what a great mom I am.  I was also presented with a little gift bag full of candies.

Megan came out of school carrying a box.  Actually a lot of kids were exiting school with boxes or other gifts in hand.  Meg made me a cake!  Can you believe that?  Her teacher took them to the home ec. room and helped them bake 26 cakes.  They frosted them and topped the cakes with strawberries.  It was pretty good too.

Cake by Megan

The kids were so happy to give me gifts.  I turned to Mickey and asked what he got me, just so he felt included.  He said he hadn't "acquired it yet".  It will probably be a new washer and dryer.  Every mom's dream, right?  Seriously, we had discussed the fact that this year we wouldn't be buying each other gifts for any holiday/celebration since we were going to buy a house.  So since it's for the "house"....I guess a washer and dryer will be great.  I really don't want to wash clothes in the sink and hang them on a line to dry.  I have much better things to do with my time.

On a side note:  We closed on the new house today!  We will get possession next Friday.  We can't wait to get our things out of storage and move them in.

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