Wednesday, May 26, 2010

End of School

Teacher Gifts

This is what Kade took to his teachers this year.  One pot per teacher.  (My creativity and some of my brain are still packed in a box somewhere.)  The teachers seemed to like this simple gift.  What woman doesn't like getting flowers?  Especially from a cute little boy.  There was also a little thank you note tucked into every plant.  No more pre-school.  Man is that going to be weird.


Janel said...

No more pre-school? Wow! Is Kindergarten full-day in IN?

And thank you for the perfect teacher gift idea--I was just thinking about that topic...

Kelly said...

Kindergarten is all day. I thought it was for the whole state but maybe it's just the school corp. I think he's ready for all day. Me on the other hand....I haven't decided yet.

Mattey took her teacher flowers too. Megan had the only male teacher this year. He mentioned wanting a new car. So we bought a matchbox car as a gag gift and a gift card to Krispy Kreme. I think he'll enjoy it.