Monday, May 3, 2010

Enjoying Nature

This week we have three (one for each kid) field trips.  It must be May or something.  Today's field trip was for Kade's class to St. Patrick's Park.  We had lovely weather for it.  Kade was very excited because he got to ride in a school bus.  This is something the preschool does at the end of the year to let the kids experience it before going to kindergarten.  Kade loved it.  The only other time he's been on a bus was when he was one, so he doesn't remember, of course.

At the park we were put into groups and taken on a nature hike after getting a shape to look for in nature.  Let me just say, I really had to use my imagination, and I think I have a good one, on some of the things the guide pointed out.  Luckily Kade had a circle and we found a few things without the imagination stretching.

I took a few pictures that turned out the way I wanted but I really liked this one.  So it's the potd.


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