Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Field Trippin'

Today Megan and I went with her fifth grade class on a field trip to Chicago.  We got to ride in posh tour buses and were able to see many sites.  Our first stop was the house of President Obama.  We could only stand at the end of the street, outside the cement barricades, and were greeted rather quickly by a member of the secret service.  Next we drove past a few sites and then stopped at Willis Tower for some quick pictures.  Then we stopped at Navy Pier where we had lunch and walked around for a few hours.  The picture of the day was taken during our walk on the pier.  Our last stop was the Lincoln Park Zoo where we only had forty five minutes to see as much as we could.  A day spent with a bunch of fifth graders wasn't as bad as I thought it might be.  I actually enjoyed myself quite a bit.

Kade also had his first tee-ball practice today.  He was pretty excited about that.


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Janel said...

What an awesome field trip! Can I chaperone the next one?