Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Fridge

(I can't believe this is the second post this week about the fridge.)

The refrigerator we "inherited" with the house is not my favorite.  It's a side by side.  (It's also cream while the other appliances are black.)  Which means there's not much room for frozen things because it dispenses ice and water.  (The kids love the crushed ice.)  The door is not built to hold gallons of milk so I can only have about 2 in the fridge at a time to leave space for other necessities.  Even though this is kind of a complaining post I will say one nice thing about our refrigerator.  It has a snack drawer.  Can you believe it?  A drawer just for snacks!  It's only about 4-5" tall.  At first I was putting the lunch meat and cheeses in there until I noticed that's what the bottom drawer is for.  Yes, I have to put my food where it's "supposed" to go.  After moving out the meat and cheese I thought about what I could put in there.  Then I had to do a little grocery shopping.  I ended up buying something that fit perfectly in the drawer.

Snack Drawer

One of my favorite snacks.  It's also one of Kade's.  He'd eat 3 a day if I let him.  Mattey will eat some if her favorite flavor is available, key lime pie.  Meg and Mickey won't eat it.  I've tried.  They'll have to get their calcium from another source I guess.

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