Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Graduation Day

This morning we went to Kade's Music and Munchies program.  Let me just say I haven't enjoyed one as much as this since the first one I saw.  There were LOTS of new songs.  I could only sing along with 3.  After the program the teacher handed out certificates/diplomas.  There were no hats with tassels or big to do but it was a big day for Kade.  He has graduated from pre-school.  He still has three fun filled days left but the work is over.  To commemorate this day he gets to be in the potd.  (Big surprise, right?)  He went to pose with his teacher, I actually had to make him do it, and his little friend tagged along.  That's a good representation of his school career.  These two are good friends and Noah puts up with all of Kade's bossiness.  (I wonder where he learned that?)  He will also follow Kade into getting in trouble or making a mess (not usually at school but at each other's houses).  Now there's a true friend.  It's probably a good thing they will be in different schools for kindergarten.

Music Program

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Amy Stone said...

Noah made the POTD! I am going to have to email my Mom! Thanks Standiford Family.