Monday, May 24, 2010

Growing Up

Megan, of all people, has been asking and asking me to shave her legs.  If you know her you're probably thinking "What?  Not Megan."  I couldn't believe she was asking to do it.  I kept telling her she could wait a while but she kept asking.  Today I surprised her when I handed her my electric shaver.  (I thought that would be easier to use than the other kind.  And she wouldn't waste 30 minutes of water.)  After a brief demonstration she got right to work.

no more hairy legs

I don't know how well she did but now she'll have to keep doing it.  The joys of being a girl.

1 comment:

BettyS said...

At least she waited until she's almost 12. My little beauty was 5 when she grabbed the razor and went to town on her legs. Girls are cool!