Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lil' Slugger

We signed Kade up for tee ball.  He has been looking forward to playing baseball for a few months, actually since signing up in January.  It wasn't fair that Meg started practicing over a month ago and Kade finally had his first practice last week and then has had two rained out.  He had another practice tonight and got his uniform.  Well, we bought the pants.

He was so thrilled I had to make it be the potd.

Lil' Slugger

He has his first game on Saturday.  He's ready to play.

The little pink circles on him are stamps.  He won one at the fun fair last week and loves to put the stamps all over himself.  Cheap entertainment, I guess.  I told Mickey I've really mellowed out because it would have embarrassed me to take the girls out looking like this but now I just don't care.  That really makes life a little easier.  I personally love that he stamps his cheeks.  What goes through his five year old mind?

Mickey picked up the key to our new house this afternoon.  He and Chris will be going over tomorrow morning to clean the carpets.  I hope the lady doesn't mind being shoved out the door.

While they're having fun doing that I will be taking Meg to the doctor's office because she has injured herself again.  She's been hopping around most of the week.

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