Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Musical Friends

Today and tomorrow are filled with musical events.  In the afternoon Meg had an orchestra concert.  It was held at the school for the students.  It was at a really bad time for us to attend so we missed out.  We'll have to have her give us our own little concert sometime.  Then tonight Mattey had a spring concert, singing.  It was a nice little program with some fun songs.  She decided not to participate in choir anymore but the 3rd & 4th graders sang too.  Here she is with her friend.

musical friends

This friend is going to help Mat celebrate her birthday on Friday.

To continue on with the music topic, Kade has his Music and Munchies program tomorrow.  This is always a cute show.  I think he told me they were doing new songs this year.  That will be good since I've already seen the show a few times before.  I've charged the batteries for both cameras so we should be ready to go.  Last year I didn't think about it and got about half way through a song with video before it died.

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