Sunday, May 30, 2010

Not a Normal Sunday

As the title states today was not normal.  Mickey decided to take a "mental health day" from church.  He ended up really needing it because his bad allergies from yesterday turned out to be a cold.  My alarm went off and I felt terrible, achey with a runny nose.  I turned off the alarm and rolled over.  I had no responsibilities so I decided to take a day off too.  The kids didn't seem to be too concerned about it and watched a few movies while we lounged in bed.

This afternoon we had Mickey home.  What a treat.  (We were feeling better by this time.)  Speaking of treats I frosted two cakes for the cook out we were going to have for my mom's birthday.  I made carrot cake.  Oh, it was good.

We went over to my parents' house and I totally forgot the camera.  That worked out anyway.  My mom does not like to have to picture taken.

We brought home our nieces and nephew to play until their dad could come pick them up.  Their little sister is in the hospital fighting pneumonia.  We put on a movie for all the kids since they had been fed and it was getting late.  The big girls played a board game.  The littler people played with the pretend food and the trains.  I couldn't resist getting a picture of them playing with trains.  No one really plays with them anymore but you can tell from the picture they have been loved for years.


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becca said...

I love mental health days! sometimes you just have to have one. Hope you are all feeling better. :)