Friday, May 14, 2010

Taking After her Dad

As I mentioned yesterday I took Meg to the doctor's office this morning.  We were there a good hour and a half.  We saw the family doc.  He sent us down the long hall for x-rays.  We went back to see the doc.  He couldn't find anything wrong with her foot so he squeezed her in to see the podiatrist that works in the office.  Nice.  His nurse came to walk us over.  (Every where we went Meg hopped.  It was a little funny.  One nurse asked her if she wanted bunny ears.)  We waited a little while for the podiatrist to come in.  He checked out her foot and after a few minutes says she strained her plantar fascia, a ligament that runs along the bottom of the foot.  He tells us the treatment.  It's totally doable and she's able to WALK out of the doctor's office.  Now it wasn't a miracle cure...I'll let you see for yourself.

Meg's Boot

It's a walking boot.  Poor thing had to get a medium instead of a small because her feet are too big.  Now the leg part of the boot looks huge on her.  At least she can walk without pain.  She's also supposed to take Advil three times a day and ice it.  She goes back in next Friday for him to take a look.  She might not have to wear the boot longer than a week.  Like I said, totally doable.  The podiatrist did give us some great news.  He said her feet are almost done growing.  Yay!  Soon we won't have to buy her a new shoe size every six months.

In case you're wondering that is our new house in the background.  Here's a better look.

Our House

Mickey and Chris went over at 9:00 and the house was empty and clean.  They got the carpets cleaned and the locks changed.  We got a moving van in the afternoon and got a load from the storage unit after picking up my mother's day present.  A washer and dryer.  They're pretty high tech (what do you expect when my husband picks them out?) and of course energy and water efficient.  They'll do everything but fold the clothes.  Now that would be my idea of high tech.  We got the truck unloaded with the help of Mickey's parents and sister.  I have about half of the kitchen put away.  That makes me feel good.  At least one room I'll use a lot is not in chaos.  Tomorrow the rest will get moved in.  Mickey's lined up quite a few people to help.  It should go quickly.  Hopefully I'll remember to take some pictures of all the action.


Amy Stone said...


That house is beautiful...Meg too! A

shandapanda said...

I LOVE YOUR HOME!!! Congratulations!!! I hope Meg heals up fast!