Friday, June 11, 2010


Today was the concert.  Meg practiced hard for 7 days learning all her music.  I practiced hard (and stressed hard) for 7 days learning all my music.  The concert went well.  I would have loved to had another week or two to practice but what can you do?  Not much.


Here's the last song we played.  It was a blast.  This one gave me lots of worry but I made it through.

I have got to learn how to better cope with my extreme performance anxiety.  Anyone have any ideas?


michellekarren said...

Amazing! You sounded great! What a fun thing for you and Meg to do together!

Kelly said...

Oh, Michelle, that wasn't us. That was a recording I found on line. But I'm sure we sounded almost as good. I don't know how to do videos on here otherwise I'd post one from the concert.

BettyS said...

Sounds like a very fun song. What a great experience for both of you! Great job, I'm sure!