Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Is it only Tuesday?

These last few days have felt more like weeks.  The kids have been sleeping on the main floor the last three nights.  Mickey and I joined them last night.  It was just too hot upstairs.  We decided we should have gone to Jan and Doc's too late.  The kids and I got going a little late this morning.  Not like we had anything to do.  We hung around eating what we could find and then had an early lunch before going to the library again.  (At this point I think I had given up getting our power back until sometime late Wednesday.  That was the latest estimate.  I didn't think I could take it anymore.)  Mickey stopped by on his lunch hour.  I couldn't believe we were dressed the same, meaning blue shirts and brown pants/shorts.  Aren't old couple supposed to do that?

When the kids were tired of the library we went to a couple of stores just for something to do.  We stopped for ice cream treats and went to my mom's.  We hung out there for a while.  The kids were in heaven watching TV.  Mickey called to say people we know in the neighborhood just posted they got their power back and someone else close by got theirs too.  He thought maybe we had it too.  I wasn't too hopeful.  He went home after work to find that we did indeed have power.  I was ready to start dancing around I was so happy.  He stayed home and started the clean up.  Lulu and Gertie, the washer and dryer, were put to work right away.  Some of us were down to our last clean pair of shorts.  Mickey got a LOT of work done.  When I came home from dropping Meg at practice this is what I saw.

The Waste

All of this went to waste.  What a shame.  We took all the important stuff to Jan's but thought the other stuff would be alright not knowing it would be days until the power came back and not hours.  Mickey was nice enough to make a list of all the stuff he threw out.  Now I know what I have to buy.  It's a long list.

The kids are so happy to be back in their beds in their own rooms.  And so are we.  There are a few more storms predicted for this week.  I really would like to see them pass us right by without any destruction.  I don't know if I could do this again.  Actually I won't.  Jan, make sure your extra rooms are ready, just in case.

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