Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Little Personality

We are back in business.  Only 24 hours this time.  I can handle that much better than 5 days.  We don't have another storm in the forecast until Saturday.  I would really, really like to make it through that one with power still intact.

Tonight we had two games.  Meg at 5:30 and Kade at 7:00.  Thankfully they were both at the same park.  Today's post actually started yesterday.  Kade pulled out some special socks he wanted to wear to practice. was 90 degrees and very humid.  These socks were knee socks.  I finally talked him out of wearing them to practice and suggested he could wear them to his game tonight.  And that's just want he did.  I guess he needed to add a little personality to his uniform.


They look great with the grass stained knees.  This kid is all boy, sliding into home plate every time he comes in (It's still covered with the tee.) and anytime the ball comes near him he's diving for it.  I have really enjoyed watching his games.

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