Thursday, June 10, 2010


This morning after dropping off Meg to AYO practice the reds and I picked up another red head and went to the new(er) playground by the zoo.  They had so much fun there.  Kade's friend joined us.  I was told that Noah really has missed Kade.  His mom and I got to catch up.  This playground is pretty cool.  They don't have swings but they have just about everything else, even instruments.

Zig Zag Slide

This was my best picture from there.  The kids just wouldn't be still for two seconds.  I don't blame them.

I had wanted the potd to be of my Sunday School class but that turned out blurry.  Darn.  I had them all over, along with my co-teacher, for a party.  I think they all had fun.  I know I did watching them interact with one another.

I'm off to soak in my tub.  I so deserve it.


Janel said...

Sunday school? What age do you teach?

Kelly said...

14-18. But all the seniors have left. It's a totally different class now.