Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Reserved Parking

There are lots of things you can draw with sidewalk chalk.  You have a variety of colors to choose from.  It's also pretty cheap and highly entertaining.  The kids spent some time being artistic in/on the driveway.  When I went out I found flowers, sports equipment, and food drawn on the driveway.  Then I looked to the left and saw a parking sign.

June 16th

I guess I'm not allowed to park on the driveway.  Good thing there's enough room for me to park in the garage.

(I think our sign maker needs to work on her spelling just a little.)

Kade had a game tonight.  He was awesome as usual.  He was playing first base and someone's throw hit him in the nose.  If you know Kade at all you'd know he gets lots of nose bleeds.  The bonk tonight did not fail.  Kade didn't even cry.  He's so experienced with bloody noses that it's really no big deal.  The little boy that threw the ball, on the other hand, was bawling because he felt bad that he hurt Kade.  After he saw Kade get back in the game with a Kleenex shoved up his nose the little boy seemed to calm down and they all had a good time.

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Janel said...

No picture of Kade with the Kleenex? Like a real man? : )