Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Handyman's Apprentice

Kade was a little bummed he didn't get much at IKEA over the weekend.  We did find him something at Target though, but ordered it on line.  It arrived today instead of next Monday like the order confirmation said.  Kade was whooping and jumping around with excitement.  He and Mickey had a project to work on together.

In the meantime, we had a rather busy day.  This morning Joey and Evie (my nephew and niece) came over to play for a few hours.  Then we went out with our Virginia cousins to see "How to Train Your Dragon".  The movie was much better than the book.  Probably because the screen writers only used bits and piece of the book.  Then we decided to do a child swap.  Meg went to spend the night with Abby while Emma came to spend the night with Mat.  We'll meet back up to swap again sometime tomorrow.  I'm sure we'll have some tired girls tomorrow.

Back to the apprenticeship...whenever Mickey is working on some project that requires tools Kade gets as involved as he can.  Today he helped put his headboard together.  Tomorrow they'll do the nightstand.

Building a Bed

I'm sure these hands will have loads of experience by the time he's a teenager.  Especially with the way we buy furniture requiring assembly.

Added the next morning.  Kade:  "Mom, sleeping in my new bed was awesome.  And I didn't fall out."

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