Saturday, July 3, 2010

In Training

Today started way too early for me.  For some unknown reason I woke up at 6:20!  (I'm not a morning person.)  Now it's noon and it feels like it should be about 3 p.m.  It's going to be a long day.

This morning we went to a pancake breakfast at church.  They had a flag ceremony and then a fundraiser (the pancakes) for a youth trip later in the summer.

We came home and Kade started his training, as he calls it.

In Training

He is ready to ride without his extra wheels.  Mattey thinks she finally is too.  She's reluctant to give them up but she doesn't like riding with them either.  What do you do?  I'd like to get one of these to put on my bike but which kid gets to use it?  And we're not going to buy two.

We have yet to go for a bike ride in our awesome new neighborhood.  Mickey pumped up my tires this morning, Meg and Kade just got new helmets, and I got a new seat (hopefully it's comfy).  We really have no excuses except for the two little people in training.  Anyone have any advice on how to get your kid to ride without training wheels?

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Amy Stone said...

Wow! What a coincidence! I took Noah's training wheels off on Thursday. My neighbor says the trick is to take off the wheels and NEVER put them back on. Works for me.