Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pool Party

Our friends, the Stones, invited us to their pool for a party.  They have a son Meg's age and a son Kade's age.  I took the camera thinking I would get at least one good picture for today.  Well, I couldn't decide so there are four.  Eventually when I learn how to edit photos (I have a free class waiting for me to take) I will put all four together to make one.  Since I'm tired and clueless right now they're all be separate.

Flying Man

Here we have a flying man.

Glowing Boy

Kade looks like he's glowing since he's in the sunlight.  (He was so pale compared to all the other kids.)

Diving In

Meg diving.  If you look closely you can see she's taking a big breath.  In the next shot her cheeks were all puffed out with air.

Water Bug

Mattey, actually happy in the water.  Check out those cute freckles.

As for me, I stayed dry and took pictures.  I got some chatting in too.

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