Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Job

Two days ago a new neighbor, whom we had not yet met, came over and asked if our kids would like to dog sit while they're out of town for a few days.  What?  Who is that trusting?  The dog's staying in their house and we've been given a key.  We could walk away with quite a bit.  But since we are honest and trustworthy people I suppose they're safe.  The kids were so excited to have this opportunity.  We went over this evening to let her out.

Summer Job

(This is not the best picture but neither the kids or the dog were cooperative.  You get the idea.)

The kids were also asked to bring in the mail and paper and water the three pots of flowers outside.  They've decided to take turns doing the different jobs (hopefully not fighting about who's turn it is to do what).  With a little parental supervision this should be a good little job for them.

The dog is really old.  The owners left a note on the table saying if she dies to "call this number and they'll take care of it".  I sincerely hope this doesn't happen on our watch.

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