Thursday, July 22, 2010

Will Power

The last few weeks I've really been getting on everyone to eat better.  I've stopped buying all the unhealthy, but oh-so-tasty, snacks.  Instead I've been buying more fresh fruits and veggies and insisting that they get eaten.  The kids have not been too happy about that.  Meg made sure she gorged at the birthday party Saturday to get her fill of junk for the week.

I would really like for our family to be a little healthier.  Is that so bad?  Up until about a month ago this year had been rather stressful for me and I have not made the time to exercise, which I really do enjoy doing.  I've been trying to make myself get in a routine.  This week I told myself I was getting up at 7 a.m. to walk/run.  I walked/ran once.  I have been woken up at 7 only to turn off the alarm because I'm really achy or have had 5 hours of sleep.

Since I haven't been getting my exercise in I've been trying to eat better.  (I try to eat better when I'm getting the exercise too.)  Tonight for dinner we had salads.  Not everyone was thrilled about this but they ate it.  The kids and I picked up a few things from the store this afternoon to make the salads.  Somehow I let them talk me in to getting something that should be on the naughty list.

Sweet Treat

Why is it when you're trying to be good the bad is more tempting?  I had two tonight.  Help me, please.

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