Sunday, August 1, 2010

Awesome August

Here we are.  August 1st.  This will be a great month.  The kids go back to school.  I'll get back in a routine, meaning daily workouts will actually be possible.  I'll also have my crappy birthday.

We had something new tonight.  Scones.  Or as Kade called them "crouckons".  I don't know why.  This was the first time the kids and I ever had them.  I made them because I'd remembered Mickey commenting about having one not too long ago and actually liking it.  He didn't remember but once he saw them he did.

Scones II

I used this recipe.  I doubled it and then divided the dough in thirds.  One third I left plain and everyone wanted cinnamon and sugar on top.  One third I put in mini chocolate chips.  The other third I added cinnamon and golden raisins.  They were all really good.  I'll have to find a healthier recipe so we can have them more often.

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