Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day

I didn't get a single picture of Meg today.  She left a little early for me and when she came home, well, I'll get to that soon.  When Meg left for the bus stop it was still dark out.  Her bus comes 40 minutes before school starts.  She may start getting a ride with a friend the lives nearby.

Ready to Go

Here are the reds waiting for the bus.  When the bus pulled up the kids took off to climb into the bus.  They didn't even care that it was the wrong number.  They were just excited to get on and get to school.  It was the right bus driver driving a substitute bus because the regular bus broke down.  Something related to a full moon last night.  Mickey and I introduced ourselves to the bus driver and he to us.  Then they were gone.  I couldn't believe they left without saying good bye.  I felt a tear coming but then realized I had Mickey all to myself all day.  That cheered me right up.

The reds came home happy.  Kade has the teacher Mat had for Kindergarten.  Mat has the teacher Meg had for 4th grade.  Familiar is good.

Later we walked down to Meg's bus stop and waited and waited and waited.  The bus finally came but no child got off the bus.  What the heck?  I walked back to the house while Mickey waited to see if she just missed the stop and the driver would drop her off.  Nope.  I get home and see that someone has tried to call the house and my cell.  I call the number back (something I never do).  It's Meg's school.  She missed the bus.  The office lady hands Meg the phone.  She told me what happened and that since she couldn't get me (or her dad at work, or either of her grandmothers) she called her friend's mom who lives down the street.  At least she had someone else to call.  The friend's mom showed up and took her home with her.  I went to pick her up and told Meg she needs to learn her dad's cell number since he always has it on him.  Afterward I was a little concerned with the school allowing Meg to go home with someone not on her emergency card.  Huh?  Thanks again, Amy.  Meg did enjoy her day at the new school.  We met her teachers last night.  One is the athletic director.  One is the softball coach.  And the orchestra teacher seemed glad to have her.  She knew four students in her home room from her elementary school.  Like I said, familiar is good.

Mickey thought I should include this picture.  Mat clicking her heels three times and saying "There's no place like school".

There's no place like school

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BettyS said...

I'm sorry I didn't have my phone on for Megan, I was at a doctor appointment. Grandpa is just barely down the road at work, maybe she should remember that one too. The reds look so cute! Glad they had a good day!