Sunday, August 8, 2010


Two Friends

Meg and Grace have known each other since Meg was just over a year and Grace was just a few months old.  They grew up together.  Played together countless times.  Over the years they have remained friends without getting together all that often.  It's so sad that Grace is moving away.  That's life living here.

This morning Mickey was called as the Second Counselor in the Bishopric.  Our lives are going to change.  I know we will be blessed, but that doesn't mean life will be easy.


Janel said...

Wow! Grace has grown up! And Mickey in the bishopric? Wow, wow, wow. I wish we still lived in SB!

Kelly said...

I wished you still lived here too. Anything we could do to get you back??

kellymear said...

Wow- congrats on the calling Mickey! How exciting! He'll be awesome. Did the whole bishopric change? Who else is in there now?

So fun to see Gracie and Megan all grown up- both such pretty girls! Grace was one of my first sunbeams back in the day, with her super-long beautiful hair. I love that she still looks the same, just a little more mature. Man, time flies!

Janel said...

Did you ever mention who else was in the bishopric with Mickey?

Kelly said...

No, I never did. Jim Carrier is bishop and a guy that moved here from Utah, Bill Johnson, is the 1st coun.