Monday, August 23, 2010

The Kids' Bathroom

I finished up the kids' bathroom last week but had to wait another day or so for Mickey to put up the towel rack before I took pictures.  I also had to remember to take the picture early in the afternoon or it wouldn't turn out.  Here it is.

Kids' Bathroom

And from the other side.

Kids' Bathroom II

I really liked how it turned out.  The green is a little yellower than I had wanted but it works.  I'm going to make a white valance for the window and sew on ric-rac or ribbons in the colors from the shower curtain.  That should be fun.  My favorite little thing is this.

Bowl of Color

We found the bowl and washcloths at Target as well as the shower curtain and rugs (there are two of them, one in each room).  It still needs some art work but that shouldn't be too hard to find or make.


Janel said...

That looks really amazing. I have always known you had an eye for color--and daring stuff, too, that looks great. I have also always loved how you frame your kids artwork for the bathroom! (and your own for the living room).

Kelly said...

I probably should have made the bathroom spooky instead of fun. They spend WAY to long in there.

I still plan to use that fish in this bathroom. It will work. I'm also thinking I'll get some blank canvases (or paper and frames) and some coordinating paint and let the kids each make something. That should be interesting.

kellymear said...

Kelly, I LOVE it! Those colors are so fun, and so happy! My cousin did a cute thing in her kids' bathroom (which, coincidentally, also had green walls)- she bought white picture frames and painted them each a different color that matched the bathroom. Then she had each child paint a picture using the same paints and put one in each frame. They turned out SO darling- even the one by the 2-year-old looked great. Sounds like you have something similar in mind- and I say go for it! And then post pictures. :) Oh, and I love the wood trim in that bathroom, its so warm and classy. In fact, it would also look great to get frames that match that wood... I'm sure whatever you do will be wonderful!

Amy Stone said...

Are you for hire?