Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Master Before

I was supposed to do a do-over of Meg's first day of school.  I took the picture this afternoon but the subject of the photo was not the most cooperative.  I'll have to do another one tomorrow.  Maybe we'll get it right.  Who knows.

So today's picture is the before of our bedroom.  Imagine walking through a pretty bland (color wise) house and walking into this.  (You'll have to imagine this times four to get the true experience.)

Master Before

It was rather shocking the first couple of times we walked into our room.  Today I painted this wall.  I'd already painted another one.  It's taking a while since I've had other things to do.  I would like to finish the other two walls by Saturday.  I might get it done.  I will post an After picture after I make another trip to IKEA for accessories.   I LOVE the new color.  A few comments about it (by other people) are:  calming and it's like a spa.  Totally what I was going for.  Stay tuned.  I bet you can't wait.  Neither can I.


Janel said...

That is quite the wall!

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