Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Wardrobe

The kids aren't the only ones around here getting new clothes.  Since Mickey has joined the "suit club" at church he had to go out and find a few suits.  We went to Kohl's this week and found him two.  One on clearance and the other on sale.  Can't beat that.

New Wardrobe


BettyS said...

He's going to look so handsome up there on the stand. Just the way he did today! Nice looking suits for a great and wonderful son!

michellekarren said...

I always did think that Mickey was super spiritual! About time he bought a suit.

Kelly said...

Oh, he had a few suits but one is old and kind of dated and the others....he just doesn't like to wear them. Poor guy. He does look rather handsome in them though.