Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rose Bush Gone Wild

Today's post was going to be about my grandma's funeral but when I went to take a picture of something the camera wouldn't work.  Duh, I left the battery charging at home.  I really need to find my brain.  The funeral was nice but they are so much better when the minister or whoever actually knows the person that's died.  We had a family luncheon at Honkers afterward.  My kids were sure to point out all the geese to me.  I'll admit it, it was a little scary being in there.  Not.

On to the post...

I few weeks ago Mickey and I did some yard work.  I tackled about 6 bushes.  Apparently I missed a part of the rose bush.

Rose Bush Gone Wild

It was growing through the deck floor.  I know I really cut that thing back but this stem must have been hiding under the deck and then made it's way through.  I took care of that stem and a few others that had grown a foot or two in the last few weeks.  I think it's growing faster than the weeds and the kids.

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