Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer Camp

Softball Summer Camp

We hadn't signed the kids up to do much this summer.  I think we felt we needed to settle into the house and neighborhood.  An opportunity did present itself for Meg to participate in a week long softball summer camp at her new school.  The coach is also one of the sixth grade teachers.  I hope Meg made a good impression.  (I kind of doubt that.  She told me she told the coach that she still liked her old school better.  The coach tossed a cup of water in her face.  She was already wet from the slip 'n slide.)  It was nice for her to get out and meet some new girls she'll be attending school with.  She did make a new friend who happens to be a sixth grader too.

I got a call from my mom a little while ago.  My grandma has passed.  She is now finally at peace.  We'll miss her.

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