Friday, August 20, 2010

Summer's End

Summer is coming to an end.  Next week school starts.  We filled our day with all kinds of activities.  This morning we had to go to Meg's new school because somehow they didn't have her in the system at all.  Then they made a schedule for her only to have it be for a 5th grader and not 6th.  She now has the right schedule.  Today was the last day my kids would get to play with our little friend Finn, since they'll be in school when he comes over.  They played on the trampoline, the neighbors' playset, and blew bubbles.


We had lunch, dropped Finn at his house, and went swimming with our friends in green water.  (I forgot the camera.  I'm sure it would have made an interesting picture.)  We spent two hours at the pool and headed home.  I had some girlfriends coming over and Mickey decided to take the kids out for the evening.  They went to dinner and then watched Shrek Forever After.  They came home and went to bed after getting the mandatory snack.

I chatted with my friends until we were all very tired.  (I also found out that I might have poison ivy.  No idea where I got it from.)  Then I posted this lovely bit of news and now I'm heading to bed so I can start another busy day.

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