Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Today was the day I took my mom on an adventure.  Thankfully our traveling went smoothly because the shopping didn't.

I took my mom to IKEA.  I think she had fun.  We checked out just about everything.  We could have spent a few more hours there for sure but we had a deadline to be home.  My mom picked up a chair like mine.  That was her main goal and she succeeded.  I got the footstool to go with mine.  I also found some of the things I went for.  I was rather bummed to not find this (the website still says there's one in stock but I guess it's lost) or this.  I'll have to make another run in the next few weeks.  Darn it.

Besides introducing my mom to the store I also introduced her to their yummy frozen yogurt and these delicious treats.

IKEA cinn rolls

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Janel said...

I'm glad you still like your chair!