Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Birthday Food

Mickey's birthday is today.  Since we weren't buying gifts this year I gave gifts of food.  I woke up way too early so I made Mickey breakfast before he left for work.  Fried eggs and toast.  He was full for hours.  That's a new experience for him.  Then I took him out to lunch at New China.  We got the buffet.  He couldn't think of anything he really wanted for dinner so I made a taco dip and we ate from a veggie tray leftover from a friend's funeral yesterday.  Snack food for dinner works when you want to save room for your birthday treats.

I couldn't decide which pie to make so I made both.  Mickey didn't object one bit.

Two Pies

On the left is Oreo Triple Layer Chocolate Pie and on the right is his favorite Lemon Meringue.  They were both good.

Happy Birthday, Babe.


Mickey Standiford said...

Good thing birthdays only come once a year. Otherwise, I would need much larger clothes. Thanks for all the yummy food yesterday!

Amy Stone said...

Happy Birthday, Mickey!

Any leftovers??

Janel said...

Happy birthday! My [belated] birthday wish to Mickey is that he can appreciate chocolate, or at least that oreo pie. That sounds awesome.