Thursday, September 2, 2010


I was going to post about me starting work on Kade's curtains but that will have to be another day when I hang them or something.  This post was taken over by cravings.  Do you get cravings?  Sometimes something sounds so good you just can't be happy until you have some.

I ran out to grab a curtain rod for Kade's window so I could start the curtains.  While I was out Mickey asked me to grab some Red Vines.  I stopped at Sam's first because I knew he "needed" more fruit mentos.  I looked for Red Vines there.  Nothing.  I go next door to Walmart.  They only have black.  Yuck.  I called Mickey and he said he would be fine without them.  Well, he might be fine but now he had me craving the darn things.  I decide to stop at Target since it's on the way home.  I hit pay dirt.

Red Vines

They had 26 oz. bags on sale 2 for $4.  I grabbed two but the way they are disappearing maybe I should have bought more.  I may have to make another run tomorrow and hide them for a while.

What do you crave?


Janel said...

Oh, Mickey, and his under appreciation for chocolate. But he did get me hooked on Mentos and Laffy Taffy in Indiana!

Kelly said...

Mickey eats way more chocolate than he used to. He won't eat all chocolate but there's enough that he probably eats more than I do, but in little portions.

The nice thing for me is I don't crave chocolate as long as I know there's some in the house. So I always have some on hand and hardly ever want it. Weird. I know.