Saturday, September 25, 2010

Favored Food

Recently we have been on a kick eating waffles for breakfast.  Not the yummy fresh ones but the ones made by Eggo.  I found a box of 60 at Sam's for under $10.  That's a pretty good price.  I compared it to Meijer's sale price this week.  Pretty much the same.

Eggo Waffles

As you know you can't really eat a waffle plain, at least they don't taste as good that way.  We go through a lot of syrup too.  Sam's supplies that too.  With the kids being kids I have found way too many sticky spots in the kitchen.  My favorite one is the pantry door or maybe the spot on the floor I stepped in and cleaned up three times.

For those of you waiting for the quilt reveal, here it is.

Meandering Quilt Finished

It turned out awesome and I got it done in five days.  Yay!  I even had a few hours of down time before needing to take it to church.  The best part about handing it over was when one of our readers (who was in charge of the evening) came (almost) running over to me gushing about how beautiful the quilt is and that she was glad I got it done.  Then she said it needed to have it's own table to be shown off.  That made my day.  I hope this quilt makes someone else's day too.

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Janel said...

You are the most productive person I've ever known-when you put your mind to a project. Mickey, too. That is beautiful.