Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Good Cause

Our school does fund raisers using local chain restaurants.  Today was Papa John's.  Mickey and I had decided not to buy pizza tonight.  We've had enough junk in the last month to last us a while.  Well, Kade came home from school all gun ho about going to Papa John's for dinner tonight--he wanted to eat there.  He was even sporting a sticker reminding us about the fund raiser tonight.  Man, they can really brain wash those little kids.  I told Kade we probably weren't getting pizza tonight.  He immediately starting crying.  (I think he could have used a nap but he wasn't going to do that.)  To avoid being the mean parent I told him we'd wait for dad to come home and we'd talk to him about it.  I sent an e-mail to Mickey to give him a heads up.  After a discussion about dinner and some more tears Kade got his way.

Papa John's

At least I didn't have to listen to anyone complain about dinner.  That was a nice change.

I just finished the quilt top!  Love it.

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