Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Good Read

Since it's September and it's time for reading, writing, and arithmetic I thought I'd share one of my favorite reads.

Hunger Games

I stumbled on "Hunger Games" some time early last year.  Loved it!  It does have violence but my mind can't really visualize it so it works for me.  When I finished it I was ready to read "Catching Fire".  I had to wait a w-h-i-l-e for that.  It was good too.  I read somewhere, probably on, that the third installment, "Mockingjay", was coming out right before my birthday.  My plan was to get it first at the library and then order the set for myself if I liked it.  Well, it didn't quiet work out that way.  I remembered too late to place a hold and when I looked there were about 56 holds already.  I looked up the books on and decided to just order them.  I'm skimming through the second although I just reread it a few months ago and then I'm sure I'll devour "Mockingjay".  I hope Suzanne Collins doesn't let me down.  I'll update the post after I read it and let you know if I liked it.

Added on September 2nd: I finished "Mockingjay" this afternoon.  (I was up until 3 am with heartburn.  So fun.)  Suzanne Collins came through.  The third installment was as good as the first two.  It was a bit more gory though, but that's just how it had to finish.

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