Monday, September 27, 2010

The Master After

If you don't remember what our room looked like before click here.

Our room is quite large.  It took me a while to paint it.  It required two trips to IKEA (in Chicago).  One trip is still needed to get the chaise lounge.  I had to make a few trips to local stores to find just the right thing.

Here's the reveal of our master bedroom.

Master After

What do you think?  I LOVE it.  Now that it's pretty much done I have no desire to paint any other room.  I just want to stay in my relaxing room.  Although making that quilt last week has got my juices flowing again.  (I have a list of projects to do before Christmas.  I better get started because it'll be here before we know it.)

This is one of my favorite accessories, besides the pictures over the bed.

Purple Lamp

I found it at Target.  Loved it.  Had to get it.


Janel said...

That is beautiful, Kelly. What a work of art. It belongs in a magazine.

becca said...

oooh!! It looks awesome Kelly! I love the lamp too!

pamh said...

Love it!! You always do such a great job. Can I hire you to come decorate my whole house?