Saturday, September 18, 2010

ND Football

For a few years now Mickey has really been into watching Notre Dame play.  (I haven't been a loyal fan since Lou Holtz was coach.)  He has a few shirts to show his loyalty.  He now has a really good reason to watch.  Manti Te'o goes to our church (ward).  We've all had a really long and busy day but Mickey has found some way to stay up--at least for a little while--to watch the late away game.

Kade begged to stay up and watch the game too.  This is how they're watching it.

Watching Football

Kade's asked a few questions here and there.  Like "Why did the ref (insert a noise that's supposed to sound like a whistle)?" or "Where's Manti?"  Yes, he knows who he is.  They had to give him a ride to church once.  He's so big you'd probably never forget him, especially when you're five.


kellymear said...

We don't have cable, so we went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the game- Just Richard, me, and Simon. I wish we had some ND fan friends nearby to watch it with us! And I wish ND had been ready for that fake so it could have been a better night. . . . Oh well. :)

Kelly said...

At Meg's party tonight Mickey pulls our football playing nephew aside and says, "Now I don't brag about a lot, but do you know who was in my car today?" He says, "No, who?" Mickey replied, "Manti." ;-)

Now he's watching the Manning brothers play.