Thursday, September 16, 2010

A New Violin


Did you know violins come in a large range of prices?  We found out the hard way tonight.  Meg got the go ahead from her orchestra teacher to get a full sized one.  We were happy to know that all the money we've spent on her rental can be applied to the purchase of one from the store.  We went to Quinlan & Fabish to take advantage of a sale today.  We were shown different violins and Meg tried them out.  I listened closely to make sure she got one with a good tone while Mickey kept the reds occupied.  We found one that sounded good and then the salesman dropped the bomb.  It was THIRTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!!  What!?  There was no way we were spending that much for a violin for a 12 year old.  We tried out a few that were less money.  We found two decent ones that were $700.  Much better but still.  "But oh," the salesman said, "this violin can be traded in when she's in high school and the price of this one can be applied to the new one..."  Yeah, whatever.  The best part is the bow and case are EXTRA.

Mickey brought up renting for another year since all the rental fees would still be available for the new one next year.  I had to agree with that because Meg just doesn't put in a lot of practice time.  But Meg really wanted her own.  I could understand that too.  I had to leave to meet my mom for a date before the decision was made.  I came home to find out that Mickey had talked her into renting.  Now Meg has a year to show us that she's serious and will put in the practice time.  I hope she does because I think she'd be amazing if she would only practice more.

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