Thursday, September 9, 2010

Noisy Neighbor

I'm sure we've all had one of these at some time.  Until recently our new neighborhood has been really quiet.  The weather has been on the cooler side so I've had the windows open a lot.  Sunday we had to close them because of our noisy neighbor.  This neighbor likes to sing and make all kinds of racket.  Mickey really has issues with him.  He has gone outside to find the neighbor with a cup of water in hand to throw on the noise maker.  It doesn't really bother me so I think this is funny.

This afternoon I was playing the piano and the neighbor invited them self onto the front porch and started singing along.  Since I knew where he was I could finally get a picture.

Singing Chipmunk

It seems that we have our own little musical chipmunk.  I'm sure Mickey will be happy once he decides it's time to hibernate.

The kids were outside while I was making dinner/cleaning the kitchen.  Meg runs in and tells me I have to come out now.   I run out thinking someone got hurt on the tramp.  She says to look and points up to the sky.  After taking a look I ran for the camera since I had never seen anything like it before.

Rainbow Clouds

Have you ever seen a rainbow on clouds?  So cool!  Meg wanted the picture to be the potd so I guess we'll have two.


becca said...

awesome picture of the rainbow!! It looks so shiny. Very cool!

Im wondering if you have Alvin, Simon, or Theodore hanging out with you...

Janel said...

Those rainbow clouds are amazing. National Geographic here you come?!