Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Play-doh Please

One of the supplies the kindergarten teacher has asked for is play-doh.  She gave us a recipe along with the request.  I've been meaning to make some but...you know how it is.  Another note came home today.  I got right on it.  Kade wanted to help.  I handed him a full cup of flour to put in the pan but when part of it landed on the counter I freaked out and took over.  (I know, I'm no fun.)  I did let him pick and add the food coloring.


He also wanted it to smell.  I pulled out my oils and he chose peppermint.  Yum.  Now he can play with minty turquoise play-doh tomorrow.  With this second request I'm guessing the teacher will get lots of it tomorrow.  I wonder what other colors and scents she may get.  What would you make?  I'm thinking next time I'll do yellow with lemon oil.  Or pink with cherry.  How fun is that?  Or we could do a really weird combo like purple and lemon.

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Janel said...

I would have never thought to put scented oils in there. Maybe because I don't have any! That sounds like fun, though.