Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Playing Soccer

Kade had a game tonight.  Usually they're on Saturdays but this works for me.  It's not nearly as cold and the grass wasn't wet.  Mickey and Meg had Young Women's tonight so they couldn't make it.  Mat complained for a while until she found some friends her own age to play with.  That was a relief.

Kade was ready to call it quits after the first half.  I encouraged him to finish the game.  Then he could get a treat.  Treats are great bribes, aren't they?

Here's Kade running with the ball.

Playing Hard

This is just one of a few times.  Most of the time he was behind the herd.

I wanted to share this picture too.  Thought it was cool.  I'm sure I couldn't repeat the results.

Taking a break

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